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MKTG Atlanta Women’s Leadership Group Hosts Interactive Career Day

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MKTG’s Women’s Leadership Group Atlanta chapter ended their year’s roster of events hosting an inspiring career day with 60 5th grade girls from local Birney Elementary School. MKTG Atlanta has been partnering with Birney for over seven years, conducting reading/math groups, sponsoring their field day and much more.  So, it made perfect sense to host young ladies from the school as part of a final 2016 Women’s Leadership initiative.

The session kicked off with a conversational multimedia presentation exploring MKTG’s work and providing an industry overview. A tour of the office followed, leading up to the day’s final destination- the warehouse. Five interactive stations were set up demonstrating how MKTG activates sponsorships on behalf of our clients. To get a small idea of the fun they had, the girls rotated to each of the following stations experiencing…

Photo ops! The students learned about photo ops while enjoying the Wyndham photo station with a green screen- which printed out their photo.

Prizes! The OtterBox Plinko board was tons of fun as the girls slid a dummy phone through the Plinko board to try to win a prize.

Design production! The girls created their own socks at our heat press station where they selected one of the three designs and watched one of our HQ ladies create their product.

Ring toss! Testing their tossing skills, we had three of the large Wells Fargo horses serve as a ring toss (with hula hoops).

Virtual Reality! This station was by far the most fun. The girls were able to put on a VR headset, plus hand controllers- bringing an office setting to life by trying tasks like making coffee, putting an ink cartridge in a printer, opening filing cabinets, etc.

After a yummy pizza lunch, the girls had tons of comments like “What subjects do you take in school to do this kind of job?”, “I didn’t know jobs like this even existed!” and the most important- “Thanks for a great day!” Returning to Birney with a swag bag full of event premiums from various programs, MKTG’s Women’s Leadership Group was proud to close 2016 sharing such a fun, enlightening experience supporting local youth.

–Contributed by MKTG Atlanta

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MKTG Chicago Cooks Up Kindness with MKTGood

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Last week MKTG Chicago sprung their community outreach plan into action taking part in the first monthly MKTGood Volunteer Outing. The Chicago team volunteered at the Inspiration Corporation, a Chicago-based organization that helps the homeless with programs that enable them to reach their fullest potential for self-sufficiency. Inspiration Cafe is one of their programs that allows the homeless community to enjoy a night of dining out and our team put their hospitality skills to good use. They helped dream up the menu, cook and serve delicious meals – a great start to giving back across the Windy City!

–Contributed by MKTG Chicago

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Written by Andrea D'Alessandro
Andrea D'Alessandro

October 31st, 2016 at 3:39 pm


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By Edward James, Front Row


When rights holders are seeking sponsors there is a crucial model that requires careful planning and consideration – exclusivity. We hear this word being banded around on a daily basis and it is something that rights holders have capitalised on to stretch their commercial rights as far as possible. The last thing Coca Cola would want, having paid the top tier of sponsorship for the Olympics is Pepsi sweeping in and stealing their thunder as a sponsor. This is the simplest form of exclusivity within sponsorship and rightly so, the entire commerciality of the sponsorship industry relies on it.

However, does this model have to exist when it comes to brands who want to tap into the CSR opportunities that rights holders can offer their partners? For most brands demonstrating that they are corporately sound, doing good and giving back as a sponsor is a must-have in their marketing plans. The normal model here is that a single sponsor takes exclusive rights to partner with the CSR offering of the rights holder in question, not if you’re Cricket South Africa.

Uniting all of its commercial sponsors, Cricket South Africa (CSA) offered a platform to join the team’s campaign for World Cancer Day, on the 12th February, held at the Johannesburg’s Wanderers Stadium. CSA and every single one of their sponsors joined the fight against cancer for the Pink One Day International against England.
As well as the team donning pink cricket kits, colouring the stadium itself pink and promoting pink merchandise, sponsors Momentum, Uber, Castle Lager and New Balance all activated this great cause through their commercial association and marketing channels.

New Balance produced the players pink kits for the day and ran promotions to win the exclusive new Pink Team kit for fans. The official beer, Castle Lager took over branding within the stadium, turning seats and beer holders pink as well as offering donations to the charity for every 6 caught in the crowd. Lastly sponsor Uber discounted all trips taken by fans to and from the stadium by 50% with the discount being donated to World Cancer Day.

This model creates the opportunity for brands to work together to extend the fan engagement beyond cricket and ticks the big social responsibility box. It also throws up an interesting example of how brands can collaborate to maximise their rights, rather than be restricted by exclusivity clauses. It will be instructive to see if this way of working can be stretched beyond CSR and lead to greater brand to brand co-operation on shared assets.

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Written by Theo Berenson
Theo Berenson

February 26th, 2016 at 6:10 pm