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Earth Day is April 22: Do Your Part

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Founded on April 22, 1970, Earth Day is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year, and is widely credited with launching the modern environmental movement. Growing out of the first Earth Day, Earth Day Network (EDN) works with over 22,000 partners in 192 countries to broaden, diversify and mobilize the environmental movement. More than 1 billion people now participate in Earth Day activities each year, making it the largest civic observance in the world.

In the spirit of Earth Day 2015, we pulled together links to some interesting articles as well as tips about what YOU can do to keep Mother Earth top-of-mind and do your part.

Basic daily commitments add up:
Visit to learn fifty basic things you can do to help the planet. Start living your every day more thoughtfully by following these simple suggestion and make your mark. Here are their top ten:

1)    Replace your light bulbs with new compact fluorescent bulbs
2)    Turn off computers at night
3)    Skip rinsing dishes before using your dishwasher and save up to 20 gallons of water each load
4)    Do not pre-heat the oven
5)    Recycle Glass
6)    Diaper with a conscience
7)    Hang clothes to dry on a clothesline or rack. Your favorite t-shirt will last longer to boot!
8)    Go vegetarian once a week
9)    Wash clothes in cold or warm
10)   Use one less paper napkin

Green Meeting Ninjas
Our friends at Green Meeting Ninjas have an awesome blog  that gives event planners access to, and simplification of, relevant information on how to plan sustainable events and green meetings with greatest of ease. Take a look:

Support Earth Day Network’s A Billion Acts of Green® 
A Billion Acts of Green is the largest environmental service campaign in the world and inspires and rewards both simple individual acts and larger organizational initiatives that reduce carbon emissions and support sustainability. It’s a global referendum on the environment. You can do your part today by registering yourself to commit to protecting the environment here and to sign up for their newsletter:

Create an Earth Day EnergyCenter account:
Visit to create an account and start saving energy and money – typical monthly savings are as high as 20% through simple habit changes and small projects!

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We’re For Going Green

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Earth Day only comes once a year, so we just had to throw a party. Our NYC office celebrated Earth Day in full force, planning several activities throughout the day that encouraged our year-round, “Go Green” initiative.

Instead of trashing our morning k-cups, why not recycle? It turns out those personal coffee canisters also stunt double as partially recyclable materials when cleaned and broken down properly. Fun Facts and Recycling Statistics were displayed on video monitors in the office throughout the day.

Our favorite Fun Fact? By turning off the lights in our NY office for a single hour, we save $160.49 (consider us convinced!). And speaking of turning off the lights, perhaps the most popular activity was “Dark Dessert.” For one hour, we powered down and snacked on Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cups, which also happen to be a Fair Trade Brand Food.

Moving forward, MKTG INC plans to implement additional recycling practices that will help our office – and the environment – become a greener place. Long story short, MKTG INC is for going green. Especially when it involves an afternoon ice cream break!

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April 22nd, 2013 at 9:47 pm