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What’s in Your Wallet, Emmett?

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Have you looked at your business card recently? If not you should. MKTG INC’s cards are known for their unique perspective and purpose (the latter being expressly to embarrass their bearer, natch). This column takes a look at the business cards of our coworkers and hears the stories behind them. Here’s the story behind the business card of Emmett Aiello, Senior Design Director in MKTG INC’s New York headquarters.

This Emmett Aiello in front of you wanted to be a baseball player when he grew up.
This was my dream when I was 10. Since then it’s been a slow pulverization of my dreams, hopes and ambitions at the hands of a world too insensitive and ignorant to recognize my greatness.

We feel he’s hit a few home runs already.
Slight embellishment here. There were no actual home runs. I hit the fence once, had another one caught right at the fence by some snotty little dirtbag, and then got thrown out at home trying to leg one out. One year I did lead the league in HBP, however. (Editor’s Note: That’s Hit by Pitch, if you’re curious.)

He storyboarded the 81st Academy Awards, worked on the set design for our favorite shows The Colbert Report and The Daily Show, and now he’s working for us (maniacal laugh).
Some shameless self-promotion, this. I feel bad about it. But not as bad as you all should feel when considering the fact that you didn’t get to draw a barely representative version of Hugh Jackman dancing in a tux above the caption “Hugh Jackson – dancing!”

He tells us the best thing about his job is “starting with a blank page and filling it with something smart and beautiful”
They left off the rest of the sentence “…before it’s stripped of all its beauty by Allen Goldman.” #neverforget

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MKTG Announces Annual Rewards Winners

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Photo by Terry Warner

Photo by Terry Warner

The MKTG INC Rewards program is designed for employees to recognize and nominate fellow team members each quarter for their outstanding work at MKTG INC. At the end of the year, quarterly nominees become eligible to win an all-expenses paid International or Domestic Experience. In addition, our CEO Charlie Horsey recognizes the work of additional team members through the CEO’s Choice Awards.

Here are this year’s grand prize winners!

Domestic Winners:
Charlie DeCrescenzo
Terry Warner
Brandon Lee
Yensy Valdez

CEO’s Choice Domestic: Jen Robison and Emmett Aiello

International Winners:
Cassandra Ross
Joanna Solazzo

CEO’s Choice International: Elizabeth Santos

Congrats to all the winners and happy traveling!

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