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With apps like Pandora, 8tracks, Shazaam, and many more continuing to change the way that consumers listen to and share music, one could argue that the music industry has reaped some of the greatest benefits from the world of apps.

While most apps thus far have focused on music discovery and content sharing, some (relatively) well-known bands are choosing to focus more on interactivity and empowering the consumer to do more than just listen.  First up is Passion Pit’s Gossamer app, which lets fans create their own music videos via artwork from the band, while also providing an opportunity to remix certain tracks from the new album.

On the darker side of things, System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian recently launched a narcissistically-titled iPad app dubbed “I am Serj“, which allows fans to remix tunes from his 3 solo albums using a beat-sequencing app complete with “billions of loop combinations”, tempo and pitch effects and more.  On the even darker side of things, Slipknot recently released a new app entitled “Wear the Mask,” which blends gaming, social media, and photography, and invites users to design their own Slipknot masks and find out what type of “maggot” (or Slipknot fan) they are” (via Rolling Stone).  Note: This app is only intended for males between the ages of 14-18 who like clowns and hate their parents.

While it certainly can be argued that the reach of these apps will be limited to their existing fanbases (you probably won’t find the casual music fan eager to find out what type of “maggot” they are), it’s interesting to note the music industry leveraging the benefits of a digital world that they once set out to destroy (see: Sean Parker/Napster).  In the age of Guitar Hero where even the most musically-challenged can rock out in their living room, empowering the consumer to be a part of musical creation creates a more active and engaging experience in a previously passive world.


For a great example of bringing music to the digital world and to a new audience, check out our post on Paul Simon’s #Graceland25 promotion.

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July 25th, 2012 at 8:57 pm