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Movember Survey: Meet MKTG INC’s Hairiest Hero

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UnknownMKTG INC’s Gregory Lorenzo & Javier Cubria

We’d like to congratulate and thank everyone who participated in Movember this month! We had great support across all MKTG INC offices and, win or lose, money raised for charity – and overall awareness of men’s health issues – makes those itchy upper lips worth it. In last month’s newsletter, we did a survey on who would deliver the best ‘Mo, and in a landslide, NYC’s Javier Cubria was declared the winner.

“It’s a hollow victory, to be honest,” said Cubria. “I took the easy way out and went for a fairly respectable beard. Some of my MKTG INC brothers sacrificed much more, leasing valuable facial real estate for mustaches usually only seen on Uber drivers and 1980’s cop shows. So I share this recognition with them, and we were all relieved when the razors came out on December 1.”

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Written by Katie Kirby
Katie Kirby

December 3rd, 2013 at 4:32 pm

MKTG INC Serves Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Volleyball Series

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Jose Cuervo Pro Beach VolleyballPhoto Credit: Manny Pascual and Joshua Ragland

With the 2012 Sumer Olympics taking place there’s no better time to be right in-the-mix of some intense Beach Volleyball action (as if there was ever a BAD time for beautiful weather, shredded demigod built athletes and edge of your seat competition).

The Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Volleyball Series brought to you by MKTG INC is in the midst of hitting some of the country’s biggest beach volleyball towns bringing them an experience that reaches far beyond the average beach volleyball fan’s expectations.  Jose Cuervo has played a huge part in beach volleyball dating back to the 1970’s and they are now injecting a boost of energy into the sport with their events.  Not only do fans get a chance to watch some of the world’s best volleyball players get their bump, set and spike on but they get to do it in true Cuervo fashion. A fully loaded Cuervo Village is open to the crowd offering them some not so typical volleyball activities; Mechanical Lime Bull, 30 foot Rock Wall, Cuervo Shaved Ice Margaritas and a whole slew of activities that you’ll just need to check out for yourself.

The Cuervo Series only has 3 more stops this season so check out to find out where they are headed next or to watch the action on their live webcast.

Written by: Javier Cubria

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