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Introducing World Class Training Labs

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MKTG is proud to be a part of this year’s World Class Training Labs. World Class Labs serve as both workshop and playground where bartenders explore the industry’s most relevant topics and practice new skills, all with the guidance of bartending luminaries. The Labs’ purpose is to honor, elevate and extend the craft of bartending, and the passion for it, throughout the industry. The Labs provide a platform for our Reserve brands to participate and provide “Best in Class” Training to the trade community.

A one day, 3 session, skills and brand training event leverages existing brand training content such as Tanqueray “classics and Ketel One “Food Pairing.”  Each training lab features World Class talent from either US, Global Markets, or Experts who also run seminars on relevant topics such as the Art of Presentation. Attendance at any of the World Class Training Labs satisfies the learning requirement for entering the World Class competition.

During the brand sessions, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about some of the world’s most premium liquors. While learning about Don Julio, Ambassador and participants will travel to a local farm where a local farmer will lead a seminar on fresh ingredients. Ketel One participants will enjoy a hands on food pairing training session while Zacapa Rum participants will sit in on The Art of Show – Unlocking Flavor brand education.

The World Class Training Lab program began in early September and will continue through early February in several US Markets. Take a look below at photos from previous markets and stay tuned to MKTG’s social channels for photo updates as the program continues!


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Keep Sailing With Johnnie Walker

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After completing successful tours in Asia and Europe, the John Walker & Sons Voyager tour embarked on its third leg heading to the Caribbean. MKTG INC was brought on to make sure this tour was just as successful as the previous two.

Diageo was on a hunt to find a brand new yacht suitable for the tour.  Our very own Matt Manning, Derek Cummings and John Demas led the search and ultimately went the secret agent route and chose the Regina, which was prominently featured in the recent James Bond film “Skyfall” (as seen in this entire clip

While John was busy beautifully redesigning the yacht, Derek worked on coordinating a routing schedule and managing port logistics at each tour stop with help from industry experts Brazil Yacht Services.

I was lucky enough to be on-board and truly live the Voyager experience for over 2 months. I made some lifelong friends, saw some amazing places (Antigua, Trinidad, Aruba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Colombia) and worked with some wonderful people along the way. Not to mention I completely dodged a little thing called the Polar Vortex.


Living the Voyager experience meant not taking any short cuts. Sailing from port-to-port may have been the most unique thing about the entire tour for me. There were a few times where being out on the deck on the open seas meant complete relaxation and escape from every other human being on the planet. Miles and miles of blue water is all I’d see. No cell phone, no internet, no distractions. On the other hand our trips (ranged from 16hrs to 60hrs) were mostly filled with high waves, deep boat rolls and some pretty intense boat movement (getting tossed out of bed or soaked on the deck became pretty common place). I don’t think I’ll be quitting my day job for a life at sea any time soon.

Full event production mode started the moment we docked. We activated 2-4 event days in each market with about 3 events each day. Daily challenges, issues and changes in addition to the slew of people who would constantly come by the boat for tours kept things really interesting along the way. Escaping the madness was a tad bit difficult considering we were living at the venue, but thankfully everything worked itself out leaving guests with unforgettable experiences ranging from rough wave sailing trips to black tie dinners to high energy dance parties on-board.

For more John Walker & Sons Voyager Photos:
Trinidad Event Video:
Aruba Event Video:
Dominican Republic Event Video:
Colombia Video:

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April 30th, 2014 at 3:31 pm

The Ryder Cup: Kilt Jokes Welcome

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

Three things that belong together: Scotland, Johnnie Walker and golf. The trio came to life in a series of events architected by MKTG INC and Johnnie Walker to celebrate the return of the biennial Ryder Cup to golf’s spiritual home at Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire.

There were two tares (that’s Scottish for parties) with EventScotland and another pair of events with Ryder Cup Europe. Both featured signature cocktails and under-kilt banter.

Meanwhile the 2012 Ryder Cup just wrapped last weekend in Illinois (America 13 1/2 points, Europe 14 1/2 points). The three-day tournament closed with a classic-malt tasting hosted by a Johnnie Walker master of whisky. Auld Lang Syne, friends.

Written by: Lauren Faustini

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October 2nd, 2012 at 9:46 pm


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fredo likes pretty street art

The BLG Friday Feature is the QCK3 (QUICK THREE). This is where BLG engages in a verbal romp with a friendly MKTG INC employee. Rules of engagement? The introduction is the back of your business card and the corresponding photo is randomly selected from your Facebook page. Take a dip in this weeks’ hotness.

Today’s Victim: Fredo

Part Account, part Production, part Creative, part Style Icon: Alfredo, a.k.a, Fredo a.k.a Don Pablo Cantina a.k.a the Tight Roll Assassin will do whatever it takes to get the job done – and done in style.

BLG: That is the best business card we have read yet. Assuming the Tight Roll Assassin refers to your expertly rolled khaki pants, yes?

FRDO: Naturally. And I actually don’t have a card. But if I did it wouldn’t say any of that shit. It would just say “Stay sexy my friends!”

BLG: I like you. So what do you do around here anyway?

FRDO: I do a little bit of this and little bit of that and somehow an event takes place, people are happy and the photos look hot. Truthfully – I don’t like talking about myself.

BLG: Never would have guessed. Ok then let’s talk about something other than you. This being a blog – what’s your favorite Interweb video?

FRDO: The Man Who Walked Around The World by Johnnie Walker. Hands down one of the best things I have ever seen.

BLG: That is a good one. And JW is delicious scotch. In fact, I think BLG needs a scotch right about now. Last, most important question: zombies or vampires?

FRDO: Vampires, 100%,  cause those guys are always styling while doing dirty deeds. Play on players!

BLG: And there you have it. Vampires: 1, Zombies: 0. Play on players, indeed.

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November 12th, 2010 at 12:37 pm

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The BLG Friday Feature is the QCK3 (QUICK THREE). This is where BLG engages in a verbal romp with a friendly MKTG INC employee. Rules of engagement? The introduction is the back of your business card and the corresponding photo is randomly selected from your Facebook page. Sick ’em, boys!

Today’s subject: Tony

Tony is a Group Account Director who chose the ho-hum backing of his business card, so we don’t have a super-sweet description to put here. What does this say about Tony? BLG investigates on this fine Friday morning…

BLG: Why no custom business card? Is Tony not a risk-taker?

TNY: Well, I wanted it to say something about me making the world safe for democracy and/or kickin’ ass and takin’ names, but somehow that was lost in the editorial process. Can’t trust you writers.

BLG: Fair enough. And speaking of trust, I’m not sure i’d entrust the future of democracy with you anyway. You wouldn’t have time to watch college football…

TNY: Very true. GO DAWGS!

BLG: So what do you do when you aren’t doing here?

TNY: I think about how awesome it would be if I WAS here, and what I’ll do when I’m ACTUALLY here.  Aside from that, I play with my 2 little dudes (Aldo: 19 months and CJ: 5 Months, and my awesome wife Amber: 396 months).  This typically involves loading up the stroller (it’s a double-decker UppaBaby…it rocks) and wandering to all of the exotic spots of the Upper Eastside. I also watch UGA Football.  That is all.

BLG: I’m sure Amber is happy you took the time to count out how many months old she is. And that we are now publishing it here. Oops. So besides contributing to the Upper Eastside Strollerocracy, you have worked on a ton of programs in your MKTG INC tenure. What’s your fave?

TNY: I’d say it’d have to be The Classic Malts Mentor program.  (And you thought I was going to say Johnnie Walker Journey/House of Walker).  The Classic Malts Mentor program was a lot of fun, because I got to work with the Masters of Whisky to develop a program that was tactile, engaging, entertaining and had a direct impact on rate of sales for accounts.  AND we were talking about scotch, so how could it NOT be fun?

BLG: We love scotch at BLG. And yes, we did think you were going to say Johnnie Walker Journey/House of Walker.

TNY: Of course that would be a close second.  Because of the event, but also because of the people I got to know working on those programs over the last 5+ years.

BLG: I bet you went through a lot of kilts in 5+ years.

TNY: Naturally.

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November 5th, 2010 at 12:28 pm