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Getting an egg carton in the mail is not the kind of thing you easily forget. But it is the kind of thing you’ll tell your friends about.

That’s exactly what the Cincinnati office was going for when we created a direct mail piece for Land O’Lakes Eggs in the shape of a half-dozen egg carton. The fact that AAF Cincinnati recognized the work with a Silver ADDY Award (Direct Marketing, B-to-B or Consumer category) was pretty cool, too.

“This is a piece we are particularly proud of and I’m so happy the team was recognized for their work. Disruption is key — when you can get the consumer to smile before seeing the brand message, the stickiness of the communication is far greater…and far more shareable,” said MKTG INC’s VP of Creative, Paulette Yarosz.

Yarosz, Senior Designer Kelleen Bradley, Senior Copywriter Amy Lozier and Account Supervisor Amy Curtis worked together on this custom piece that reached 20,000 homes across the United States. It was so engaging that 65% of its recipients redeemed their coupons for a FREE carton of Land O’Lakes Eggs. And 100% of affected postal workers said, “What the…?”*

The mailer was part of an integrated word-of-mouth marketing campaign that included an online microsite with product information, reviews and an Egghead trivia game. The site garnered 147,000 page views, 69,000 unique visitors and 44,000 Egghead players.**

*We assume

**No egg puns were harmed in the creation of this post

Written by: Amy Lozier

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March 5th, 2013 at 5:04 pm