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Rumble in the (Internet) Jungle: Part II

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Going back to the dotcom boom of the late ‘90s there has been a constantly evolving race to the top of the internet food chain, and recently it has become clear we have entered a new chapter in the struggle.  The Silicon Valley-led revolution is defined by super-connected young millionaires and billionaires, two of whom find themselves at the center of the fray.

Enter heavyweight CEO’s Larry Page (Google) & Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), leaders of the first two true internet super powers.  Facebook, Foreman to Google’s Ali, withstood the first volley of the rivalry when Google+ failed (so far) to take a significant bite out of Facebook’s social networking pie.  Facebook’s counter offensive has since taken the form of Graph Search, a direct challenge to Google’s stranglehold on the search market.

Facebook is seeking to reinvent the effectiveness of the internet search by factoring in the recommendations, likes and check-ins of everyone in a user’s network.  For example, you could search for ‘Restaurants my friends like in San Francisco’ and be presented with a page of friend-endorsed options.  But the search capability, while an exciting tool, is just the beginning.  Owning search and the data it generates would also give Facebook the kind of information needed to mount a true challenge to Google AdWords, highly effective ads that target tendencies a user generates over time.  For marketers, it will mean the chance to better understand our consumers as they continue to funnel more and more data into one central location.

And as the Kenyan proverb goes, ‘when elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.’  Expect the Yelps, Spotifys and Foursquares of the world to face an uphill battle as Facebook and Google continue to duke it out.

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Written by John Seiler
John Seiler

February 11th, 2013 at 8:59 pm