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An Early Welcome to Monique Horan from MKTG Australia

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If you know an Australian, you know they have a case of wanderlust and love to travel. There are many theories about why this is, but why question it? For anyone that’s met an Australian while out traveling, backpacking, pub hopping, I’m sure we all agree that we are happy that they have that homegrown trait as they’re a heck of a lot of fun!

In the spirit of adventure and collaboration and giving our employees great experiences, our friends at MKTG Australia have developed a program called The Global Employee Experience Program, or GEEP. The purpose of the program is to give one chosen employee each year the opportunity to work for two weeks outside of Australia on major client projects or events taking place during the chosen period. Their aim is to be a valuable addition to the team they join, as well as learning while being productive. They will develop learnings they can then bring back to enhance the team’s capabilities and offerings and will be required to chronicle their journey on social as well as present to the entire staff their learnings and what they reckon their team could do differently. It’s also an opportunity for the employee to develop professionally, develop their network and to deliver real and meaningful value back to the Australian team.

Out of the 12 outstanding submissions, a team of unbiased judges from around the world deliberated, and in the end, came to a unanimous vote in Monique (Mon) Horan! Congratulations Monique!

Please take a moment to view Monique submission video and we think you’ll see why the judges felt she’d be a great GEEP Ambassador. And get to know Mon a bit better by following her on Instagram @monhoran.

We will be welcoming Monique to New York City and Westport as soon as we determine the best two week period for her to be here working alongside our teams. We also will work closely as a global team with Matt Connell who runs MKTG Australia to learn from his first go around in the hopes to take those learnings and launch this program in a much larger way.

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July 31st, 2018 at 1:03 pm