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MOXY Gives Artists a Blank Canvas

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MKTG INC London recently traveled to Milan, Italy, for the opening of the first ever Moxy Hotel – a new lifestyle, design-led economy hotel brand from the Marriott group.

The launch event marked the crescendo of ‘Blank Canvas‘ – a six-month campaign designed and produced by MKTG INC that positioned the brand as a supporter of young mural artists to help it engage with its target millennial audience.

Over the past six months, more than 300 mural artists globally entered works of art inspired by Moxy. Three finalists were chosen by a panel of judges, including the editors of our media partners Street Art News and Global Street Art.

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More than 150 travel media, bloggers and influencers from across Europe attended the event, which was hosted by MTV presenter and top model Laura Hayden and Redbull DJ Stefy Oyadi. The launch climaxed with the Blank Canvas contest finale, in which the artists created a live piece of artwork in just 60 minutes in front of the party crowd.

The winner, Nune Kerobyan, won €3,000 and the opportunity to contribute to the design of future Moxy locations throughout Europe.

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Are you a Nueva Latina?

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Cincinnati may not seem like the cultural hub of the universe – but we do some pretty cool work for Orgullosa – a US Hispanic community for women driven by Proctor & Gamble.

Orgullosa just launched their Nueva Latina campaign. It’s a new initiative that celebrates the cultural pride and undeniable bond that Latinas share by inspiring women from across the country to reveal what it means to be a Nueva Latina.

They kicked it all off with an event in NYC attended by the likes of Roselyn Sanchez from Lifetime’s Devious Maids and Lala Anthony of MTV DJ fame. There were amazing performances of their Nueva Latina Monologues, which were written specifically for Orgullosa.

MKTG INC will be taking these monologues into the digital stratosphere by creating content for [] and attracting new US Hispanic women to their community and encouraging them to share their stories of being a Nueva Latina.

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Washington Heights Gets MTV Makeover

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Oh, MTV…you’ve done it again. For a network that already boasts a plethora of in-your-face reality shows, “Music Television” (sorely in need of a name change,) broke the reality sound barrier with it’s mega-hit, “Jersey Shore”. This show about young, self proclaimed “guidos” of (supposedly) Italian decent partying and brawling in night clubs did not go over well with the Italian American community. The fallout? An endless amount of scandal and debate about the quality of television programs aimed at our youth.

Needless to say, MTV isn’t done ruffling feathers. This is made abundantly clear by its latest show, “Washington Heights“. The show follows local high school/college kids thru one of Manhattan’s last “real” neighborhoods as they pursue high profile dreams (a hip hop hopeful, an amateur baseball player aiming for the big leagues, a young lady who wants her own fashion company. Stop me if you’ve heard this before…). Of course, they’re all friends, they’re all romantically linked and (spoilers) eventually end up fighting each other outside of a nightclub.

Naturally, MTV, with its target aimed squarely at America’s teens, has chosen to ignore the artistic integrity, cultural reverence and rich history of this community and instead indulge us in more angsty, gossipy, scandalous and drama-filled adolescent theatre.

Ah yes, its the time honored recipe of MTV’s success, and they keep feeding it to us over…and over…and over again, until we’re all just a bit nauseous.

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Written by Andrew Canlon
Andrew Canlon

January 15th, 2013 at 7:45 pm