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Super Bowl 2014: Nike Hall of Innovation & Training Day

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With the bright lights of football’s biggest moment shining on NYC, NIKE capitalized on the energy around Super Bowl XLVIII by creating a ‘Hall of Innovation’ in the heart of Manhattan.

Located at Moynihan Station, the Hall of Innovation was a one of a kind, football and training-based energy space created to showcase the latest in NIKE product innovation, entertain special guests and drive home NIKE’s mantra for the week: UNLEASH SPEED. MKTG INC was responsible for overall production around three elevated events in the space as part of the ‘NIKE Fast Night Series.’

The series kicked off on 1.28 with HS Fast Night, an ultra-high-energy competition that challenged students from four NY/NJ high schools to Unleash Speed in hopes of being named the fastest team in the tri-state. Participants competed in an obstacle course, 40-yard dash, tug of war, social media competition and dance contest to measure all aspects of speed as NFL stars like Tavon Austin, Rueben Randle and Jairus Byrd decided the champion. In the end,  Don Bosco Prep (NJ) emerged victorious and took home the first-ever Fast Night trophy.

To round out the programming at Moynihan, Young Athletes (1.29) and a select group of VIPs (1.31) got their moment in the Fast Night sun as well, going through similar competitions and drills allowing them to experience first-hand the latest in Nike innovation.



During the Super Bowl, Americans eat approximately 30 million lbs. of snacks and drink over $10 billion in beer and soda.  The next day 7 million of them call in sick.

With that insight in mind, NIKE and MKTG INC took over the days following the game to get New Yorkers moving and out of a post-Super Bowl slump. On Day 1, we headed to PS1 and PS218 in the Bronx, and motivated kids to move with a workout from NIKE Master Trainer Holly Rilinger. NY Giants WR Victor Cruz joined in the action at PS218, adding some football-based star power to the movement.

On Day 2 it was time to hit the commuters, as we popped up with coffee trucks at 3 high-traffic locations (Washington Square, Union Square, Penn Station).  With the enticement of free coffee/hot chocolate and a NIKE tee, ambassadors motivated consumers to complete a series jumping jacks or squats to get moving in the early morning. We followed up our commuter activation with gym takeovers at BRICK NYC and Barry’s Bootcamp, where consumers were seeded with Training Kits featuring a NIKE+ Fuelband and NIKE gift card as a reward for their commitment. WNBA superstar Skylar Diggins rallied troops at Union Square and Barry’s, as NIKE and MKTG INC laid the foundation for activating beyond the final whistle.

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A Walk in the Office Park

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Focal Desk ChairPhoto Credit:

What’s the worst thing about sitting at a desk all day? Oh, just an early death. “For people who sit most of the day, their risk of heart attack is about the same as smoking,” wrote Martha Grogan, cardiologist at Mayo Clinic. Scientists call our sedentary lifestyle the Sitting Disease.

So what’s the alternative? Thomas Jefferson and Ernest Hemingway worked from standing desks. David Clarke, former editor of Vogue Living typed from a standing desk.Martin Keen, the inventor of KEEN footwear (beloved rubber-soled, closed-toe sandals) invented the Locus desk and chair – the desk has the angles of a drawing board and the chair requires you lean and not sit.

But one step further along the reclaim-your-life-from-sitting is a walking desk – that’s a treadmill usually set at around one to two miles per hour and an elbow-height desk. “I am writing this while walking on a treadmill,” boasted Susan Orlean in The New Yorker. “And now you know the biggest problem with working at a treadmill desk: the compulsion to announce constantly that you are working at a treadmill desk.”

Earlier this year, Al Roker tweeted a picture of his treadmill desk. Google, Microsoft, Marriott and Evernote are companies that let employees walk while they work. If you’d like to try it at home you can buy an Exerpeutic 2000 Workfit Desk from Target, while Lifehacker has lots of homemade options.

Writer Susan Orlean was prompted to take up a walking desk while competing against her husband and friends with a personal fitness tracker, just like Nike+ Fuelband. A walking desk gives workers thousands more Fuel points, fitness, alertness and a longer life, one step at a time.

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