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MKTG INC Guest Column: Nike Master Trainers

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Nike Master Trainers        HOLLY RILINGER                                                                                                    TRACI COPELAND

This month, our guest column features two Nike Master Trainers, who were kind enough to sit down to chat about fitness, health and avoiding injury.

You’re both Master Trainers for Nike. Tell us a little bit about what that means.
HOLLY: It means I get to work for the greatest fitness company in the world! As a Master Trainer, I am a sponsored athlete for womens’ training, and Nike Training Club (NTC) is a huge part of that. I design NTC workouts, lead workouts, and train new trainers. It’s a dream job and I love every moment of it.

TRACI: Being a Nike Master Trainer is different for everyone. It began with teaching Train the Trainer sessions around the city, but now it’s gotten much bigger and the opportunities are huge. I’ve taught all over the world, from Vancouver to Stockholm to Berlin. I’ve consulted, worked on-set and helped cast for women’s training photo shoots. I developed my own workout in the NTC app, modeled in the Spring 2014 campaign, and I even got to write the Jessie J workout. Working onset and shooting in various locations is probably one of my favorite parts of the Master Trainer experience.

You come from different backgrounds – Traci, you were a dancer and are a yoga instructor, and Holly, you played professional basketball and seem to focus more on high-impact conditioning. How do those different paths merge to where you are today?
TRACI: I’ve been an athlete my entire life – I was a competitive gymnast for 13 years, played soccer, ran track at Georgetown and ran 2 marathons and 2 half-marathons. My life has always been about sport, but in general I like to challenge my body to move differently. Dance and yoga naturally became a great mental and physical outlet for me, and after injuries led to three knee operation, yoga and dance really helped me preserve my body. So there’s always been a lot of crossover. The classes I’ve taught for Nike have been yoga, cardio dance and NTC (gym-focused) workouts. I’ve also helped with Nike Running events, led dynamic warmup/stretch sessions and led a shakeout run for 12 editors the day before the Women’s Half Marathon.

HOLLY: At 5’4 I had to be quicker, faster and stronger than everyone else to succeed on the basketball court, so training was a HUGE part of my life from a very young age. I’ve been training since I was a child. I have a way of getting others to give me their best… maybe because I’ve trained with intensity and passion my whole life. It’s now my gift to give.

Tell me about the new trends you’re seeing in fitness.
HOLLY: Tons of boutique fitness studios are emerging in NYC. The best part about these places are the communities they build. We see it in NTC and at FLYWHEEL, where I teach spin. It becomes a second home/family for people.

TRACI: Big trends I see are fusion classes, such as those that incorporate dance and yoga workouts, or Barry’s Bootcamp, which is a combo of running and strength and conditioning. Everyone is so busy and has little time to workout, so I’m seeing a lot more 15- to 25-minute workouts that are really high-intensity.

If someone is just starting an exercise regimen, what are a few basic tips for success?
1. A great workout will never overcome a bad diet.
2. Schedule your workouts like you would an important business meeting. Don’t miss them.
3. Try group classes. When you surround yourself with a community of healthy people, you make friends that will encourage you to live a healthy life.

TRACI: Get plenty of sleep, drink water, and think of exercise as something you’re doing to add to a better lifestyle. Often when people start a program, they start to cut too much out all at once… no sugar, no carbs, no drinks, etc. So I always tell people to start by adding good things to your diet and lifestyle, instead of things taking away. Adding good/high-energy foods like bananas, chia seeds and plenty of veggies will give you more energy for a new program.

If I said I only had 30 minutes a day to dedicate to exercise, how would you suggest I spend it?
HOLLY: Do something you enjoy. There are so many ways to workout these days. If something is fun, you are more likely to stick with it.

TRACI: A 15-minute run outside, followed by 15 minutes of strength and conditioning. A minute of squat holds, a minute of walkout pushups, a minute of V-ups, a minute of high knee runs and 30-second side planks. Repeat for three sets and you have a great full-body workout!

Check back next month for the rest of the column!

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Written by Katie Kirby
Katie Kirby

June 2nd, 2014 at 11:59 am

NIKE UK 10K #weownthenight

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Ready, Set, OWN IT!

Ready, Set, OWN IT!

On May 18th, Nike and MKTG INC came together to host the women, and a few men, of London in a night time 10K run.  The scene was set in East London’s Victoria Park and by 6pm the Event Village was open and a sea of orange came pouring in.  Runners were offered a pre-race experience unlike any other.  Whether it was getting your nails done in the Elle Magazine tent, a personal Nike+ experience in the Nike tent or getting the proper warmup lead by Nike NTC Trainers, these runners were ready to OWN IT.

"Who is ready to own it?"

Who is ready to own it?

Team GB runner Perri Shakes-Drayton set the girls off and as the sun went down the course came to life.  LED screens spread words of motivation, DJ’s played that song that pushes you a bit harder and family and friends wildly cheered.  All of this pushed women to the finish line where they could then let their hair down and really “Own the Night”.  With a glass of Prosecco in one hand and glowsticks in the other, runners danced and sang the night away.  At the end of the night runners left Victoria Park saying, “NIGHT OWNED!”



Photo credit: Getty Images

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Written by Carter Parrish
Carter Parrish

June 20th, 2013 at 10:27 am


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spike bus

We all know what the arrival of the holiday season means, right?  (DRAMATIC PAUSE FOR EFFECT) The end of the Cross Country season of course! And although we’re excited for the upcoming season of goodwill and cheer, we can’t help but reminisce about the past few months of fun had on the Nike East Running Mobile Tour Programs.

This Saturday will mark the 7th running of Nike Cross Nationals in Portland, Oregon, an event where the nations top high school runners compete to prove they’re the best.  They’ve been preparing for this day all season long, and most of them have been doing so with the Mobile Crew by their side.

The Nike Spike Bus and Nike East Running Van have been there every step of the way…  Training with the fastest runners, cheering with the masses at races, and spreading knowledge about running and Nike to all.  They’ve spent time in the freezing temperatures of Vermont and Florida sunshine, with countless weeks on the road, and thousands of miles on their vehicles…  Tens of thousands of laces and hundreds of Gait Analysis tests later, it all comes down to one thing… Running.

The Nike East Running Mobile Tour has reached new heights this season and passed by countless milestones.  The season may be over by the memories will live on. Keep up with us daily on RunnerSpace, tweet @nikespikebus and Like us on the ‘Book.

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The BLG Friday Feature is the QCK3 (QUICK THREE). This is where BLG engages in a verbal romp with a friendly MKTG INC employee. Rules of engagement? The introduction is the back of your business card and the corresponding photo is randomly selected from your Facebook page. Ready? Aim… FIRE!

Today’s Hero: Jena

Jena has the energy of a tornado and the uncomplaining nature of a stoic. You can throw just about any task at her and she’ll find a solution and get it done before your unreasonable deadline. How does she do this? It just might be that rarest of character traits… a solid work ethic. She also is never far from having a good laugh. In fact, if there’s any truth to the laughter = better health connection, then she will probably live forever.

BLG: Thanks for hanging out with us on this lovely Friday.

JNA: You know I wouldn’t miss this for the world. And of course the wine helps.

BLG: I would say multiple wines are being had here. But who’s counting? You know what goes well with this delicious, crisp Sauvignon Blanc? An interview. So let’s get down to it. What do you do here besides drink wine(s) and dress well?

JNA: I lead NIKE Running and other various NIKE programming. I worked a lot with NIKE Soccer during World Cup. I am also working on our FedEx program that is kicking off soon.

BLG: Running! Soccer! Office supplies! Oh my! Quite a diverse portfolio. What’s your favorite thing you have worked on?

JNA: NIKE 5K For Kids. It was a national race series focused on middle school and elementary school aged kids and their supporting communities. 100% of the race proceeds went back to PE, play and athletic programs designated by the participant – all in an effort to get kids moving and fight childhood obesity.

BLG: That sounds like a lot of fun. I think BLG would love that event – except when we were outrun by fourth graders.

JNA: They are closer to the ground, so it makes sense that they are faster.

BLG: You’re too sweet. Let’s see just how sweet. Final question: would you hamster-sit for me if i asked nicely?

JNA: Yes. But only for you – so don’t go spreading it around town.

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Written by Admin

November 19th, 2010 at 11:46 am