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Photo credit: Peter McCutcheon

Complex Magazine Sneaker Editor Russ Bengtson just wrote this great article looking at the changes to the sneaker scene over the past ten years. It’s now a zoo of blogs, high eBay price tags, camping out in lines with machetes & baseball bats and massive trunk shows filled with obsessed collectors. But there was a time when it was a simple industry where passionate sneakerheads could go into a shoe store and pick up a pair as long as their size was available.  “Oh, another thing,” he writes, “there was never any question whether I’d wear them. Of course I would.”

But there is something very powerful that comes at the end of the article: “The best sneakers have stories inherently built into them, but that is only the beginning. A truly great shoe should become part of YOUR story, and not just be something you take out on a special occasions or own simply to be able to say ‘yeah, I have those.'” I couldn’t agree more. For example, I wrote last week about running with the bulls. I ran in a pair of these. And I still have them, with holes and worn out soles, under my bed. When I was a kid, I rocked the hell out of some Jordan IVs (pictured here) in a (children’s) size 13. And I still have them at my mom’s house. I have a very special pair of Air Max 90 IDs that I designed as a Christmas present a few years ago. Although Mr. Bengtson wouldn’t approve, those only come out for special occasions. Different shoes have taken me on journeys all over the world so I hold onto their battered remains as living proof.

This is probably one of the first of many times in my life that I’ll say “I remember the good ole days…” which I guess means that I’m getting old. I can deal with that reality, but can I still rock my Jordans when I’m 65?

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Written by Peter McCutcheon
Peter McCutcheon

July 19th, 2012 at 9:11 pm