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I’ll be honest – there aren’t many things I find very exciting in the world of sports, especially NOT in the genre of college football.  However,  while browsing the most popular videos on YouTube this week,  I stumbled across this viral sensation (sandwiched between a series of tearful dog / owner reunions and an epic skydive from space) featuring the Ohio State marching band.  Amassing over 12 million views, this halftime masterpiece commemorates pop culture’s most beloved video games via insanely precise formations and accompanying theme music.

From the nostalgic PAC-MAN and Mario to the cultish Halo and Zelda, the meticulous choreography managed to make a huge impression at the oft-dreaded halftime show, where most attendees are normally heading to the bathroom, grabbing a beer, or searching for a hot dog. The band did so not by selecting a provocative subject, staging a “wardrobe malfunction” or even investing in a high-tech/ big budget spectacle. Rather, these band geeks chose to celebrate something they themselves probably loved and backed it up with the hard work required to pull off a stunt like this. The result: not only an amazing piece of content that gamers, sports aficionados, and haters (cough, cough) alike can enjoy, but also an appropriate lesson for us marketing folks.

As cheesy as it sounds – in an industry sometimes beleaguered to identify the next greatest, hippest, besets never-been-done before-thing – sometimes a little fun and creativity really IS enough to capture the world’s attention. This particular old school throwback resulted in a moment infinitely authentic and real – and as we all know, here at MKTG INC, we’re for real. ;)

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Addendum to Pixelicious (see below): GAME ON — the World’s Largest Pac-Man game is here, connecting dot-filled mazes designed by fans from around the world.

What’s more, you can upload your own images to the game, which creates its own set of challenges, according to Pac-Man’s developer Namco:

“We’re happy that the ‘penis to non-penis levels’ ratio is well below 1:100 (the standard for user generated campaigns). We’ve been watching the moderation closely, so every penis has a short life.”

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Written by Christopher Skinner
Christopher Skinner

April 20th, 2011 at 5:30 pm