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Miracle Whip Categorically Refuses to Tone it Down

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Miracle Whip’s current ad campaign has been catching chatter for its IN YOUR FACE approach at getting on Gen Y’s hoagies and grinders. Agency McGarry Bowen is making the bold and aggressive statement that unlike other homogenized sandwich spreads, which obviously suck, Miracle Whip is cool, it’s hip, it wears tight jeans and rides the L Train. BOOM! Take that mayo!

The first time I watched it my media bombarded brain was incapable of processing what the hell was going on, but upon further inspection there’s definitely a scene in there where a bunch of hipster’s, on a rooftop, that I can only imagine is in Brooklyn, are dancing. Yes, dancing. Which begs the question: are they trying to market to these people or insult them?

None of this was missed by Steven Colbert who got “Miracle Whipped into a frenzy,” last month and started the Mayo-lution.

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In response, the Bold Marketing Team at Miracle Whip issued this proclamation today, and I’ve got to hand it to them – pretty clever. Will it make me switch from Hellmanns? Probably not. Will I watch Comedy Central tonight because of it? Doubtful. But up until an hour ago I didn’t even realize there was a difference between Miracle Whip and mayo, so kudos on the brand recognition win.

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November 12th, 2009 at 10:16 am

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