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About MKTG Chicago’s MK and “Obvi, We’re The Ladies”

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Mary Kate Pleggenkuhle of MKTG Chicago and founder of Obvi, We’re the Ladies!


We’re bringing back employee spotlights, and this month’s spotlight is on our very own Mary Kate Pleggenkuhle from MKTG Chicago. Check out her Q&A below to catch a glimpse into what makes Mary Kate..well…Mary Kate!

Name: Mary Kate Pleggenkuhle

Position: Project Manager

Office: Chicago

Hometown: Elk Grove Village, Illinois

How long have you been with MKTG?: 2 years

Blurb on the back of your business card: “We’ll give you 50 bucks if you can say Mary Kate’s last name 10 times fast. We have no idea what the name means, but knowing this girl it could mean anything from 1) a complex philosophical theory (she’s been keeping a journal since age 11), 2) A synonym for whistling (she’s very good at whistling), or 3) The sound of terrible table manners (drives her absolutely nuts). Either way, what a name, right?”

What are you passionate about outside of work? Outside of MKTG, my passion project is called “Obvi, We’re The Ladies.” It’s a website I started my senior year of college.

Why did you decide to start X? I was so hungry for some kind of awakening and purpose while in college. I became very interested in women’s issues and feminism, and wanted to get a better understanding of how being a woman affected my identity as a human being. The concept of the site started as an opportunity for me to document my journey to understand these things better. I was going to write about my experiences in the world as a young woman, and hopefully find some people who would connect with me on a personal level, and in turn we would learn that we weren’t alone. I wanted to talk about women’s issues in a way that wasn’t generalizing or preaching or patronizing or disparaging to others with differing opinions, I wanted to talk about the issues in a way that was personal. Quickly, as more women became interested and involved, I found the purpose I had been searching for in the site I created!

Who else is involved? – I have an amazing team working on Obvi, and we’re constantly growing. I have two of my oldest friends, a few of my college friends and a whole bunch of women that I met through social media contributing essays. It’s amazing. A small portion of our team assists with editing, social media, and other behind the scenes responsibilities, and I run the ship. Some of the Ladies are my best friends, and I’ve still never met them in person!

What are your plans to launch? On May 1, 2016 we are launching a video series that we have been working on it for what seems like forever, and finally have all of the resources we need to complete the project. It’s so exciting. The series will feature some of our Ladies as well as some friends from other Chicago women’s groups discussing feminism, womanhood, and societal beauty standards (to name a few topics). We want to provide a platform to help educate people who want to better understand some issues in a way that is palatable and entertaining. I can’t wait to share it.

What are you hoping to accomplish? – At Obvi, we believe that storytelling is activism. We share stories about things that may seem trivial to some, and things that are extremely serious, because regardless, that story matters to the Lady telling it. I hope that as time goes on, we can evolve the ways in which we share stories from written word and video to in-person programs and beyond.


To follow Mary Kate on her social channels, check out her handles below!

URL/social media handles:

Personal — @marykate_obvi (twitter/Insta)

Obvi — @obviweretheladies (insta); @TheLadiesObvi (twitter)


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Everything you need to know for SB50

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FB SB Countdown 9

Heading out to San Francisco for the Big Game? Or are you a native SF-er excited to explore Super Bowl events in the area?  We sat down with with our very own Patty Hubbard (President, West Coast) to get the full download on everything SB50. From the can’t miss events to what to wear, the below is all you need to know while on the ground for the Super Bowl.

1. What are the top 3 spots for local families to experience SuperBowl 50?

Super Bowl City: Officially opening tomorrow, 1/30, SuperBowl City will open for an extra weekend called Hometown weekend in order to provide local residents an opportunity to see it first.  Make sure to go to the Fan Energy Zone powered by SAP, the Super Bowl City Fan Wall and the Levi’s Lot to get your Levi’s Collection fan gear.

Free Concerts: With performers including Alicia Keys, Matt Nathanson and Chris Isaak, the Super Bowl free concert series will include performances your family will love without breaking the bank.  All shows will be in SuperBowl City at City Stage presented by Levi’s.  Be sure to check out the full schedule here.

NFL Experience: From sampling delicious snacks and drinks to taking part of the NFL’s famed Play60 program, NFLX at the Moscone Center will ensure a full day of fun (many of which are brought to you by MKTG!)  Open all week, NFLX is a must-see for local and visiting fans alike.  Kids and adults can’t miss the amazing photo opps with NFL players and the Lombardi trophy that NFLX has to offer.  You can learn about all experiences and ticket prices here.

2. What activities do you recommend to those who have never been been to San Francisco? 

Go for a run: It is the best way to see and experience the city. Here are some great running routes that will show you all the beauty of SF.

Ferry: Take a ferry ride to Tiburon for lunch at Sam’s Anchor Café.

Eat, Drink and be Merry: Enjoy a hot toddie and get off your feet at Tosca in North Beach.

THE Bucket List: Be sure to add at least a few of the adventures here to your trip to the Super Bowl— The Ultimate SF Bucket List.

3. How should you pack for SF weather and Super Bowl social events?

The key to packing for San Fran is to be prepared and to plan your outfits around layering.  Dress for 55 degrees, but a cold 55. Trust me you will understand when you are here and can’t warm up. We are also having an el Nino year so bring an umbrella and a rain coat. Events are rain or shine.  Last but not least, SF is a beautiful eclectic city.  That being said, SF-ers are a fun, cool bunch and dress more casually than other major cities.

4. What are some of the hottest party and concert tickets?  

Super Bowl week is infamous for the craziest parties.  Some, like Maxim, are exclusive and you are only able to access tickets with an invitation code.  Others are open to the general public, but for a price.  Events like CBS’s “The Night Before” with Metallica and Cage the Elephant can be accessed after a quick trip to  For a full list of events, and their grades, take a look at the Washington Post’s list here.

5. Are there any last details we should know?

Here is an amazing summary of transportation options for all SB50 events—note that you will need to plan out your trip accordingly since transportation will be tough throughout Super Bowl week.  Last but certainly not least, be sure to tune in for the big game on Sunday, 1/7 at 6:30 PM EST.

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