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Restaurant Patrons Hungry for Experiential

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Ready for an elevated dining experience? Diners are looking for a satisfying meal, but they’re also looking for a unique experience. Restaurants are forced to be creative and have begun experimenting with adventurous forms of serving food to their patrons.

Roller Coaster Restaurants anyone? Probably not for everyone but Rogo’s Roller Coaster Restaurant in Abu Dhabi spans 14,000 square foot and offers 30 individual roller coaster tracks that loop, spiral and spin around diners to deliver the menu and food to tables. Since the restaurant has no servers, diners place their orders through tablets at their tables. When the food is ready, the kitchen puts it in a covered pot and shoots it down one of the tracks to your table. The tracks range from multi-spiral to double-loop, reaching speeds of up to 12mph.

Every aspect of the customer experience adds up to overall satisfaction. Creating memorable, entertaining aspects is at the heart of brand experience. Campaigns come and go, but in today’s world creating memories through experiences is what people care about, it’s what people talk about.

What good is your brand if it doesn’t evoke an experience?

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Blogs Are Better Than Banner Ads

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hj 2Photos courtesy of DustinNikki Mommy of Three, Wannabite,

After working in advertising for the better part of 10 years, I’m still amazed that people click on banner ads. I mean – really – who clicks on those ads for “Hot Singles in Your Area”? Instead of spending money on another media buy with a 1% click-thru, I decided to check out a different form of advertising that is much more subtle … and also more effective.

(First: a disclaimer. In addition to my work at MKTG INC, I’m also a blogger at Blogger marketing is an evolving form of word-of-mouth marketing, and bloggers have a built-in audience that trusts them and seeks out their opinion on products and services.

At MKTG INC, we have partnered with bloggers on a variety of programs, from toilet paper to hair color, to find out what real women think of these products. At Food Hussy, I’ve done campaigns for deli meats, vacation destinations, restaurants and more.

I love that every blogger puts their own spin on a product and can create new uses for your product. Most people think of Dr. Pepper as a drink, but this blogger used it in a recipe. You may not regularly drink Dr. Pepper – but can you honestly say you don’t want to try a Dr. Pepper Donut?

The question is – does it work? The proof is in the pudding. I can’t tell you how many times people have commented that they tried something after I shared it. Recently my husband was at an event I had promoted and someone came up to him and said, “Hey – I know you – you’re the husband of the Food Hussy!” Turns out, they not only recognized him from my blog, but they purchased tickets for the event because of my post.

Bloggers are influencers who have a built-in trust factor and an audience. By working with them, you’re getting an honest opinion on what you have to offer that is then shared with all of their online “friends” – which goes a lot further than a simple banner ad.

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