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Predictions from the Pros: Sports in 2038

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This week’s SportsBusiness Journal issue was dedicated to its 20th Anniversary. They reached out to MKTG to provide our predictions about what the sports business will look like in 20 years, 2038 to include in a special section. Many thanks to Mike Reisman for contributing his predictions to the SBJ. I’ve also included a few from Gavin Blawie, and while they didn’t quite make the print version, they’re great insights nonetheless!

“Media and brand reach for sports marketers exponentially increased by simulcasted holographic delivery into arenas, public spaces and stadiums;  traditional passions for teams are replaced by individual performances due to an increasing appetite for exotic gambling outcomes and participation through interconnected networks and fantasy sports platforms. Sports marketers must adjust brand standards accordingly.” — Mike Reisman, President, MKTG Sport & Entertainment



Gavin Blawie

The future of sports will be all about multi-POV storytelling, for people believe people and fans relate to fans best, and social and mobile will go away as that will be redundant to all comms.

Building on the official broadcast and conversations across social platforms we see happening today, multiple cameras will cover every player’s individual actions and offered up as a customizable viewing option, and multiple feeds will be incorporated into official broadcasts and vice-versa.

Fan-curated content, sharable moments and highlights will become their own official companion content streams that will be as popular as the underlying games, customizable to teams and players.  And the most prolific and best content creating/commentating fans will be compensated for helping spread their fandom.

Much like the occasional ref cam or hot lap shared, tomorrow’s players will be equipped with individual, high-quality cameras and sensors to create rich, player-first and player-specific multimedia POVs to complement and enhance the official broadcasts (sold at a premium).

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April 30th, 2018 at 2:11 pm

MKTG Shortlisted for SportsBusiness Journal Award

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Hot off the presses!

MKTG has been chosen as a finalist for this year’s SportsBusiness Journal’s Sports Business Awards! In 2014, Team Epic took home the gorgeous Tiffany Trophy, and we hope to get to add another to the Awards shelf come May 23rd when the event is hosted at the Marriott Marquis in Midtown Manhattan. Win or lose, it’s a huge honor to be nominated. Congratulations everyone.

Stay tuned!


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March 28th, 2018 at 2:15 pm

SBJ: Raptors Latest Team To Land Jersey Sponsor, Signing Sun Life To Agreement

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Sun Life’s Raptors patch sponsorship is reportedly worth more than C$5M annually. MKTG negotiated the deal for Sun Life.

The Raptors are the ninth NBA team to sell a jersey ad patch, having signed a three-year deal that will put Toronto-based Sun Life’s logo on the jerseys beginning next season. Sun Life’s jersey patch will be the anchor of a CSR program promoting diabetes awareness and prevention.

Sun Life has run a similar program through a Celtics sponsorship which supports a regional “Dunk 4 Diabetes” program since ‘14. The Raptors’ patch sponsorship, which TSN is reporting is worth more than C$5M annually, will support a similar program across Canada.

“For a corporate responsibility program, we explained that the way to really authenticate was showing what the pinnacle of a healthy body can look like, with this sort of intimate association,” said MLSE Chief Commercial Officer David Hopkinson.

The deal includes rights with the group benefits, life insurance and retirement planning portions of the insurance/financial services categories, along with courtside signage, along with digital and social ad inventory for Sun Life.

The company has been a Raptors sponsor for four years and a sponsor of MLSE for seven years. “Our key insight here is that it’s not about the real estate,” said Hopkinson, adding that the deal took around six months to complete. “If you want to just buy impressions, there’s nothing like outdoor (advertising). If you want to stand for something, there’s nothing better than having a presence on the athlete.”

Sun Life’s other Canadian sports sponsorships include the Canadiens, Maple Leafs and the CFL. MKTG Canada negotiated the deal for Sun Life.

source: Sports Business Daily

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July 6th, 2017 at 2:16 pm