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Got a little Captain in you?

Picture this: It’s the eve of a new century, 2099. You’re settling back on a comfy floating sofa, watching the countdown of the 21st Century’s greatest athletes on ESPN14. You have a beer in hand. (As long as there are sports, there will always be beer.)

But what else will there be? Will you be watching virtual TV; hologram players and coaches in your living room plugged in through the jack in the back of your skull. Or, some other mind-blowing experience that’s still a twinkle in the eye of Bill Gates Jr.? What will be the national pastime? Football?  Women’s soccer? NASCAR with souped-up hover crafts, and courses that span the entire U.S.? Combat Tiddlywinks? Will some sports and stadiums go away all-together due to no one ever leaving their homes again?

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Written by Kevin Collins
Kevin Collins

January 22nd, 2010 at 4:33 pm