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Baseball’s Back!

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This winter has been straight up Game of Thrones. It’s been dark, cold and full of snowy terrors. Thankfully spring has officially arrived and although it’s still pretty frosty out there, the sights and sounds of major league athletes preparing for the 2014 season is enough to make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Seriously, it’s called “spring training.” Even if you aren’t a fan of baseball (or training for that matter), you’re still pretty stoked about the spring part.

With only a few days remaining before Opening Week, there are already headlines aplenty. Can the Yankees bounce back? Will the Red Sox repeat? Can the Nationals live up to expectations? Will Miguel Cabrera win ANOTHER MVP!?

Many of these questions will be answered in the coming months as spring gives way to the dog days of summer, and summer to the excitement of October. This is a fresh start, a clean slate…a blank page, as they say. Yet as we know, time tends to fly when you’re having fun and moments are fleeting, especially when it comes to baseball.

Last year we closed the book on a legendary career as Mariano Rivera took his final bow. The outpouring of appreciation for the best closer in baseball history was apparent as night after night fans took to their feet and applauded the man they call “Mo.” This year, a similar farewell tour will commence in ballparks across America as the grand old game will offer its final sendoff to its most respected and adored superstar. You know who I’m talking about:

Derek Jeter.

That’s right, “The Captain” will play his final season in 2014 and trust me, you won’t want to miss a single swing of the bat.

Well, now that I’ve set the stage and we’re all properly excited, there’s really only one thing left to say:


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