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May the 4th Be With You

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For most of us, today is just another Monday. But for Star Wars superfans, it’s a day to celebrate the intergalactic phenomenon that continues to have an impact on filmmaking, pop culture trends, and the concept of an alternate reality where a woman with two buns on the side of her head is both desirable and very attainable.

As someone who is, at best, indifferent to the Star Wars legacy, my interest was piqued when I stumbled on an article that depicted May 4th as the biggest holiday on Star Wars fans’ calendars. An entire day dedicated to Luke Skywalker & Co.? I admit, even I was curious to discover what it was all about.

And here’s what I got.

Choosing the month of May was no coincidence. Not only did the saga debut on May 25th, but George Lucas’ birthday was May 14th, and has served as the traditional start date of the notable Star Wars Weekends in Disney World. But the term itself was first put to paper in 1979, when author Alan Arnold recalled the manner in which Margaret Thatcher celebrated her victory as becoming Britain’s first female prime minister. Upon being elected, Thatcher’s party turned a half page of advertising space in the London Evening News into a literary dedication to Star Wars, officially coining the line, “May the 4th” and further proving the extent to which the films have influenced the masses.

With the anticipated release of The Force Awakens, this year seems to be an especially exciting one for Star Wars fans, as companies and brands are discovering new ways to be inspired by the saga. In the UK, Sky announced that fans will be able to live stream all six films, back to back over a 48-hour period, beginning today. A Japanese Airline is in the process of creating an R2-D2 Jet, a 787-9 Dreamliner that is set to hit skies this fall as part of a five-year Star Wars project. And need I mention the memorabilia, activities, and ways in which fans are able to express their inner Star Wars nerdom? It’s practically endless. (i.e., this, this, and that).

Will you celebrate Star Wars Day? Has this cluster of newly found, slightly dorky knowledge convinced you to learn more? Maybe, maybe not. But there is something to be said for a cinematic saga that, after 38 years since its initial release, still has the power to consistently inspire and influence people (and Halloween parties) all over the world.

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What’s in Your Wallet?

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Have you looked at your business card recently? If not you should. MKTG INC’s cards are known for their unique perspective and purpose (the latter being expressly to embarrass their bearer, natch). In our new column, we take a look at the business cards of our coworkers and hear the stories behind them.

As artists go, Ryan’s kind of weird.
I think it’s fair to say that the “weirdness” is not exclusively tied to being an artist… I am just odd in general.

He’s that rare breed that can blend high-minded artistry with hunker-down work ethic.
The stereotype of lazy artists needs to be shattered, and I am working tirelessly on breaking that glass ceiling. This is what everyone is referencing when they say “glass ceiling,” right?

No matter what he sets his mind to – whether he’s making cleverly crafted, artfully executed videos or baking up a batch of the best damn Irish Soda Bread you’ve ever had in your life.
My family is originally from Waterford, Ireland, and we have a family recipe for Irish Soda Bread that has been passed down for more than 150 years. My mother still has the original recipe in Gaelic, hidden in a safe box in our attic (probably next to my Star Wars figures).

This guy goes whole hog.
The expression “whole hog” had never entered my vocabulary until after this business card was written; I now use it daily. This is just to prove how “whole hog” I really am.

His recipe for success is simple: one part creative instinct, one part technical know-how, and one part good old-fashioned nose-to-the-grindstone. And the recipe works on film and in bread. 
Although the description here says it is simple, let me be honest with you: it’s not. The Irish Soda Bread recipe is extremely hard, which is why I only make it once a year. The film part is really simple; that stuff you can just shoot on your iPhone.

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