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We’re For #SummerFridays

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Being a part of the MKTG INC family means indulging in the perks (i.e., bagel Mondays, all-expenses-paid-for vacations around the world, etc.) But the perk that really tickles employees’ fancies is the highly anticipated, most-talked-about concept of ‘Summer Fridays.’ Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, MKTG’ers are rewarded for their hard work all year with a total of seven freebie Fridays (not including holidays and vacation days).

We’re not ones to pry, but we couldn’t help but wonder how employees chose to spend all of this extra free time. A three-day weekend soaking up the sun at the shore? An impromptu trip to visit Mom and Dad on the West Coast? A running Netflix marathon with their favorite sidekicks, Ben & Jerry? To help feed our curiosity, we’ve selected people from our various locations around the world to share their Summer Friday stories.

JOANNA SOLAZZO (Senior Manager, Field Activation)


How do you usually spend your Summer Fridays?

I have been spending my Summer Fridays at a house that I’m sharing with friends in Montauk.  I head out on Thursday nights and spend the long weekends relaxing on the beach, biking, barbequing, mastering games such as Kan Jam, and enjoying lots of delicious summer libations.  Despite the traffic, Montauk really is the best escape from the hot city – sorry, Jersey Shore.

Unfortunately, we can’t always leave our day jobs behind. Are you incorporating any MKTG INC details into your after-hours life?

Along with the occasional email sent from the beach, I introduced my housemates to the Bonfyre app that MKTG INC adopted for internal use and client programs.  Bonfyre has been a HUGE hit among my friends.  We’re able to share photos with each other that we otherwise wouldn’t want posted to Facebook/Instagram (that’s right – I don’t want Brand Ambassadors knowing ALL of my business) and we use the app as our primary source of communication – whether we’re talking about coordinating travel to the house or deciding what bar to go to on a Saturday night. It’s super user-friendly and convenient.

If you were asked to persuade Charlie to extend “Summer Fridays” throughout the entire year, how would you proceed?


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Written by kcappuccilli

July 26th, 2013 at 12:18 pm