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Adventures in Hairstyling With the InStyler

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vocalpoint is one of MKTG INC’s online communities and has over 1 million moms that are always looking for ways to make their lives run a little quicker, a little cheaper and a little smoother.


We recently shared 6,000 InStyler tools (yes – the ones you’ve seen on TV) with our community of moms. InStyler tools are known to make hair styling simpler. Take me for example – I have thick curly hair and it takes me an hour (at least!) to straighten my hair. With the InStyler MAX – I go from curly to straight in just 25 minutes! Much of our community told the same story as they styled themselves gorgeous!


First, we provided moms with 3 products from the InStyler line of tools. Next, we had them invite their friends over for a styling party. Lastly – we asked them to show us the results! Vocalpoint combined over 6,000 pieces of user-generated content with over 2,300 product reviews to generate over 20 million impressions for InStyler! (Check out some of them on Instagram at #rsvpinstyler.)


What we learned on this project is that with something like a hairstyling tool – getting it in the hands of the community is essential for driving purchase. The #1 thing that our community engaged with were the before & after pictures. This program provided the brand with thousands of images of REAL women successfully using their tools, which will translate into thousands of new customers.

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