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Summer Apps

Summertime is always a great time to try new things so why not test out a few new apps? Featured in this post are some to make your life easier, more active and adventurous.

Need to break the mold from your local watering hole, standard first date spot or repetitive weekend attractions? Sosh helps you embrace adventure through its social discovery platform, available for iPhone and the web. Akin to a personalized concierge service, it allows you to browse, bookmark and select from things to do: hip new bars, snazzy restaurants, live music, outdoor recreational activities and more.

With ride-sharing (Uber, Halo, Lyft) and bike-sharing (Divvy Bike, Citi Bike) on the rise, there’s no shortage of transportation options to go along with the old commute via car or public transit. Ridescout (for iPhone and Android) gets you from “point A to point B faster and smarter” – consolidating all your travel options in one view. Simply enter where you are and where you’re going, and you’ll get a map rendered with time to travel, cost and even calories burned if you walk.

Blending personal and business use, Wunderlist helps organize your life. Perfect for shopping and grocery lists, long-term travel plans or in-office collaboration, the app syncs across all your devices and keeps you on tasks. Planning a wedding this summer? Wunderlist might be for you (and the wedding planner).

Turns out that working out doesn’t need to be especially rigorous or time-consuming. Everyone can spare just 7 minutes to get that heart rate going before heading into the office or out for the day. This iPhone app features 10 easy-to-do exercises sans equipment or a ton of physical space. You’ll be done before you can say “TPS Reports.” Upgrade for $.99 to a “pro” version to mix up the sequence and add new features.

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Written by Jake Bernstein
Jake Bernstein

June 26th, 2014 at 2:40 pm